Hello Seattle

Hi Everyone. It's been a great year lots of changes. I'm out in Seattle now working full-time for Amazon's internal advertising agency Day One Studio. It's a pretty exciting space filled with talented and motivated artists. Lots of cool things are in the works, I'll post more updates as the projects I'm involved with launch.

Many thanks to all the wonderful people and teams I worked with in 2014


This summer I had the pleasure of working for Ford. Below is a sample i created as part of the treatment used to win the work. Look forward to sharing the final art when it's released. 

Ford_Y Sign.jpg

Terribly Awesome: Robot Jox

Just saw the new trailer for Benicio Del Toro's Pacific Rim. Reminds me of my favorite child hood movie Robot Jox minus the monsters. If you got head trauma and a 90 mins of free time its worth a watch.

Trailer below/Full movie on youtube

New Work/Workbook

Just finished my new ad for the spring workbook. You've probably already scene if you traveled here through my homepage. The design was inspired by Gianmarco Magnani, Jeff Darrow and my love of candy and combat sports. Enjoy...

Directory of Illustration Ad coming soon!


Higher Learning

Taught my first class at Drexel last night. Great group of students, look forward to seeing how they progress over the semester. Youthful enthusiasm is a underrated quality

Late New Years Resolution

My Blog has always been the redheaded step child of my website. (Apologies in advance if you are a neglected red-headed step child). I vow to post twice a week, till i forget this claim or overlapping deadlines change my mind.  For now please enjoy the format, categories and work. Thanks Pat & Piper for the push :)


Just uploaded the last pristiq ad i created for 2ake & Y&R.Thanks again for the cool project gentlemen it's always a pleasure working with you!




2011 was a fantastic year. I was fortunate to do a lot of great work with 2Fake, Ecko, Showitme, Snickers,  Harley Davidson, Shinsegae, Diccico Battista, etc.

2012 looks just as promising i've just signed with the worldwide illustration representative Three In A Box. I look forward to a exciting year of great clients and projects!




PRISTIQ - Y&R - 2Fake

Just wrapped a fun Pristiq Doll project for Y&R with 2Fake. Thanks to Bill, Greg it was great working with you. Images of the final to come once everything launches.

I've been working with Nicolas (2Fake)  for several years now, please check out his exceptional work



Dexter Slice of Life Goes Live!

I was fortunate to assist with the look development for Dexter's online social network game "Dexter Slice of Life".

Special thanks to Marc Fernadez and Brian Noto of Ecko Code, its always a blast working with you guys.

Please check out the game and some of my samples that are now posted in my video game gallery